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So anyways, I step out of LJ land in order to make my new business succeed. Come back, and there's a shitload of drama waiting on the table. Personally, I just walk away from the shit. Or don't answer the phone, or my door. ...BLACKOUT...

Fuck yall, god don't forgive! I'll never reveal the poon-tang secret, and if you don't believe me, I'm gonna kill yo' shit! You don' wanna fuck with meeeeeee!!!!
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The Job of the Government is not to worry about who's notsleeping together in the bedroom,
but who's not eatting in the kitchen.
--Reverend Jesse Jackson

Amen my brother
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My father and I just had our second occassional "Fuck you god Cookout".
For those of you who aren't familiar with the scenerio:
It's raining, and we wanted some food.

So yeah, grilled porkchops at 11 pm and sauerkraut. I made a sauce for the porkchops that actually turned the kraut into something divine. (Recipee to follow pending monetary/virginal sacrifice to the culinary wizard that is myself) The chops were good too, but seconds (and even thirds for dad) were had on the Uberkraut.

Apparently I have some sort of pheramone that attracts every witch/wiccan/pagan whatever within a quarter mile to hit on me. Her name is Grey. (Yes, like the color) She works at West. (Yes, like the direction) Not my type. (Like what you do on keyboards) I'm being stupid now, so I'll stop. (Like the sign) W00T!
On a tangent, telemarketing sucks. If I can get another day at the computer shop I'm going to quit West. 'Nuff said. On to e-mail land and all the joys that it holds.

On another completly coincidental occurence, I found out where I need to go to school at. I wanted to be a holestic therapist and incorporate mind, body, and spiritual therapy into one big super care package. And a lady from the Claton College of Natural Health calls me up AT WORK for a credit card and gives me all the information I need to know about enrolling. Even fucking promises to help me get in because "I'm apparently on the right track" based on our conversation. So yeah, my dream job's education gets handed to me over a phone call for a credit application. Go figure.

Shout outs to Pam and all the kids in NC. Take care of her, or else there will be several ass reamings when I come visit.
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For Anjle:

You can never claim to have loved someone, until you tried to make them a better person.

Push someone to the limits of their dignity, if only to prove that they still have some.

Experience all aspects of life, if only for a non-prejudiced opinion thereof.

Become something more than yourself, if only to overcome It.

"Love" and "In Love" are two different animals. The person you can't see yourself without isn't necessarily your spouse, but they will always be family. Marry a Wo/man that you would like to raise your kids, but keep your family close to your heart. Romance is an inertia; drop the ball, and you need to pick it up before it stops. Love is perpetual, and never dies.

To never know your father is to never know another man. To guide and protect, even though it hurts. To stand in the shadows, watching over the ones you love, even though the're blind to your vigil. All is done to an end benefiting that which you love, weather right or wrong in the eyes of others. For when a man dies, his peace rests on one question: "Did I do my best?"

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Rock on!!! $80 cash for sitting on my ass and installing modems! It's good to have geeky tech skills. I did a lot of thinking about the other day, and realized a few things about keeping the peace. Gather round all ye theater types for an indepth look at the Dramatic SituationCollapse )

In other news, my dad makes some awesome chicken. Yum-tastic!
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Event... It's been so long since I've written in this thing that I've become mindful of it once more. (Buddist sense of novelty awareness) An event has definitly drawn me back. Allow me to tell the tale of Ronin de Beatrice

For starters, let me explain Ronin de Beatrice (RdB)- Ronin is a samurai without a master. "de" is spanish for "of". Beatrice is Dante's femenin personification of enlightenment. So basically, a child of enlightenment with no master. Probably just another Jesus look alike...

Now then, the story!
Anjle decided that she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I broke up with her for the final time in the best interest of us both. She was my one and only for the longest time. And while she completed me spiritually, we had different concepts of love and romance. She was my Beatrice, and shared much with me. And while mutually benefical as friends and companions, as lovers we unintentionally caused eachother much pain. The bitterness of this lead to intentional counterstrikes, and so on and so forth. We both did things with best intentions, but it was often misinterperted. Here's a quote on how I felt every time I criticized her; appropriately enough, stolen from Doug's (RdB) Journal:

If ever you made me beautiful, you made me subject to judging
If ever you made me wise, you left me aware of my mistakes
If ever you made me clever, you allowed me to say too much
If ever you made me sing, you gave me my mother's sweet siren
If ever you made me attractive, you gave me my father's charm
If ever you made me, you made me grateful.

So anyways, it's really funny how all this came together, Anjle leaves, Doug shows up on the scene with my life's story, and all is as well as it can be right now. Life could be better, but so could the stock market and gas prices. I'm having a friend out to dinner soon, (rather the're having me) so I'm going to go. More to come soon in Nick's new journal. Prehaps I'll get a new screen name, prehaps I'll just be lazy and not. Take care kids.

When everything's made to be broken... I just want you to know who I am...

Oh, new job at the computer store is super-pimp! $10/hour to build computers, surf porn, and drink beer. Ocassionally Chris calls me up front to check out random girls walking down the street. Oh, and Mark the Bum (Our cleaning guy- who really is a bum) kicks ass!
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It's 11:00, and I just got home from a week on the street.

No, not sleeping in a cardboard box, but just going around. A weekend at IHOP, followed by a Sunday stranded at the Mall, then two days just out and about. On the bright side:

--Met 17 year old guitar prodigy Mike-B. We begin recording May 6th.
--Hung out with Amanda from Suncoast. Was supposed to study Philosophy, but stayed up until the break of dawn talking about other things. Became slightly delusional around 6am- so did she. Lots of fun.
--Went over to Mark's new house. He's got it all together now, and we begin putting the dream in motion this summer.
--Did PR (Public Relations) for Turtle Ridge. Flyers passed out, business cards ordered, and website design laid out. Now, we make some money.

My life came together on May 4th, and all is beautiful.
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Sincerest appologies to all of my friends who I have neglected. I have 10 minutes before I have to walk out the door, and I'm dedicating it to the following:

I love all of you folks.
Even though I've been busy, I still think of you.
We will hang out when school is over.
As for now, my plate is full.
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I don't know if when that thing clicked it was with the idea, or if I actually snapped. Prehaps it's just the sleep deprivation, but that usually impares you instead of making you better.

The world is in harmony through dischord. Yin-Yang, Black-White, Fire-Water, Earth-Air; through conflict we find balance. Stopping the pendulum in the middle would cause the end of time and change. Instead, it is a constant flux through which we live. Learn the balance, and you will be lord and master.

"As long as earth endures,
seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
will never cease"

This is the secret of life: There is only peace in death.

Kill your opression, and lay evil to rest. Seriously, not being stupid. Use the balance to your advantage. Watery emo kids can use a shot of liquid sunshine to change their mood (Or a swift kick in the teeth - lol) Figure out the rest on your own, I've got stuff to do.


OK, I'm done now.